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Sonoran Hot Reads: Rules changes impacting college basketball early

The new rules are already working

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

It's still very early in the college basketball season, but the rules changes are already having an impact on the game. If you scroll a ways down in this Seth Davis piece, you'll see some of the numbers put out that show the rules are having their intended purpose so far. He also dispels the idea that the scoring increase is due to the increased number of fouls. As the officials get more accustomed to some of these new rules, the free-flowing game we're hoping to see might actually come sooner than we thought.

- Santa Clara (Arizona's opponent on Thanksgiving), is now 0-5 after losing to UC-Irvine on Monday

- The depth the Wildcats have is still taking shape

- At the very bottom of this piece, Myron Medcalf wonders if Arizona will be ready for Gonzaga next week


- Incoming recruit London Iakopo was named an all-conference player this year

- Is being QB1 at Arizona the best gig in all of college sports? Total Frat Move thinks so. Also, B.J. Denker thinks so, and that's probably all you need to know that TFM is probably right

- That game on Saturday was pretty much the entire season rolled up into a three and a half hour package


- Emily Gauci has a nice photo gallery from this weekend's Fall World Series. You can compare it to mine. You'll probably notice that her photos are better

Other sports

- Volleyball's Nikki Attea was named Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Week. It's also senior week for Attea and three others, culminating with a match against ASU on Friday in McKale

- Several cross country runners were named to the Pac-12 All-Academic team

- Women's basketball set an attendance record, and also downed Kansas in their Monday morning matchup

- Here are the best photos from Arizona Athletics this week

Tucson news

- This is why Arizona should allow refugees into the state

- The Tucson police are concerned about laser strikes increasing around the holidays

- The front page of KGUN was all about the border for some reason

kgun border