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Arizona basketball: Wildcats in the NBA Power Rankings

Every so often we'll rank the former Wildcats in the NBA

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the inaugural Power Rankings of Arizona Wildcats in the NBA. The rankings are based on current production and do not consider career performance.

1. Aaron Gordon - Orlando Magic

  • Season Stats: 10.4 PPG, 5.4 RPG, 0.6 APG, 1.0 BPG, 56.3 FG%

    • He's not averaging the most points among UA alumni, but he has played the most well-rounded. With a combination of offensive efficiency and defensive prowess, Aaron takes the top spot in the inaugural power rankings.

2. Andre Iguodala - Golden State Warriors

  • Season Stats: 6.8 PPG, 5.2 RPG, 3.8 APG, 42.4 FG%

    • Similar reasoning as with Aaron Gordon, Andre is an all-around threat on both ends of the court. Shooting percentage holds him back from the #1 slot this week.

3. Jerryd Bayless - Milwaukee Bucks

  • Season Stats: 10.2 PPG, 2.8 RPG, 2.6 APG, 39.0 FG%, 45.0 3P%,

    • Bolstered by a 26-point scoring outburst earlier this month where he shot 6/10 from long-range. Hard to ignore that.

4. Derrick Williams - New York Knicks

  • Season Stats: 10.6 PPG, 2.8 RPG, 0.4 APG, 0.4 BPG. 42.9 FG%

    • Solid first game of the season, but decreasing minutes and production haunted the rest of his week.

5. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson - Brooklyn Nets

  • Season Stats: 3.6 PPG, 3.0 RPG, 0.4 APG, 52.9 FG%

    • As expected, his defense has earned him an early season role in the rotation. He's averaging almost 16 minutes a game and is shooting a high percentage. Also not a surprise that most of his shots are layups and he has yet to take a three pointer.

6. T.J. McConnell - Philadelphia 76ers

  • Season Stats: 4.8 PPG, 4.8 RPG, 8.0 APG, 52.9 FG%

    • The assist average through three games is a pleasant surprise. T.J. is positioning himself for a bigger than expected role with the 76ers.

7. Jordan Hill - Indiana Pacers

  • Season Stats: 9.5 PPG, 7.5 RPG, 0.3 APG, 44.4 FG%

    • He's averaging a healthy 24 minutes per game. If he continues to rebound at this pace, he will earn himself additional minutes.

8. Stanley Johnson - Detroit Pistons

  • Season Stats: 6.3 PPG, 4.0 RPG, 1.5 APG, 27.3 FG%

    • His field goal percentage and ineffectual defense has been a bit of a concern in the first week.

9. Richard Jefferson - Cleveland Cavaliers

  • Season Stats: 9.0 PPG, 1.6 RPG, 0.8 APG, 50.0 FG%, 47.1 3P%

    • Richard's stock will rise if LeBron decides to rest his back.

10. Jason Terry - Houston Rockets

  • Season Stats: 1.7 PPG, 1.0 RPG, 1.7 APG, 40.0 FG%

    • The Jet has yet to take off this season. He's 38 years old and his minutes will fluctuate throughout the season to keep his legs fresh.

11. Chase Budinger - Indiana Pacers

  • Season Stats: 2.6 PPG, 2.0 RPG, 1.2 APG, 33.3 FG%, 30.0 3P%

    • Chase might be a sleeper pick for additional production as the season goes on.

12. Channing Frye - Orlando Magic

  • Season Stats: 1.0 PPG, 2.0 RPG, 1.0 APG

    • Channing's $8.1 million annual salary is looking like a poor investment.

13. Solomon Hill - Indiana Pacers

  • Season Stats: 0.0 PPG, 0.0 RPG, 0.0 APG

    • Solomon has played less than 2 minutes total in the first week of the season. The Pacers have already informed him they will not pick up the fourth year of his contract. After having been a starter last season, Solomon is on the verge of being out of the league entirely.