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Sonoran Hot Reads: Anonymous Pac-12 coach calls out Rich Rodriguez

Put a name behind it

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

I've discovered over the past month or so that Travis Haney's job at ESPN is to write about coaching searches, and post them as Insider pieces. His latest has an interesting quote from another college coach about Rich Rodriguez:

"Looked like he had checked out to me," another coach in the league said. "I don't know what's going on with them there. Hard to believe [College] GameDay was there this year. It's a hard job."

Alright anonymous Pac-12 coach. Thanks for stirring things up. For what it's worth, Arizona and Cal were grouped together in that post, and I get the feeling that there's at least a bit of a chance that Sonny Dykes is Arizona's head coach next season.

But seriously, calling out another coach in your own conference like that?

- USC has struggled with running quarterbacks, so Conquest Chronicles says Arizona should play Jerrard Randall if the Wildcats want to have the best chance at winning

- We caught up with CC for how Arizona should attack USC on both sides of the ball. We repaid the favor, answering questions about what's gone wrong this year

- The most interesting thing about USC/Arizona is how they're both trying to get to six wins

- Arizona and ASU have both been disappointments, so it might be all about the T-Cup game in the end

- USC interim coach Clay Helton learned a lot from RichRod early on in his coaching career

- Former Wildcat Anthony Wayne Smith was found guilty of murdering three men


- ESPN breaks down the No. 13 team in their power rankings, the Arizona Wildcats

- Chance Comanche will not be red-shirted this season. What will his role be?

Other sports

Meet men's tennis player Harry Busby and grow to love his British accent

- Volleyball is going to start making this whole related-to-famous-people thing a bigger deal

- Runner Molly Callahan is still looking to achieve her goals at Arizona

- Friday is senior night for Arizona soccer against ASU. All of the seniors reflect on their time in Tucson. Oh, and the game is extremely sold out, so go stand on the sidelines

Tucson news

- Biggest news of the year: There was an emu capture mission early Thursday morning. Seems they caught all the emus. After the kangaroos running around earlier this year, I feel Tucsonans should stop letting Australian animals escape

- It's animal day on Sonoran Hot Reads. Someone stole a baby pygmy goat from the Arizona State Fair. Luckily, it's been found

- The red light cameras are officially off

- Four tons of pot were found near Douglas

New grocery store coming to Broadway and Rosemont

New, disgusting details on the Dean of Pharmacy's sexual assault allegations