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Sonoran Hot Reads: Pac-12 Refs calling National Championship Game

This can only end poorly for everyone

Craig Mitchelldyer/Getty Images

You thought the College Football Playoff couldn't get any better? Well, it's about to. There's going to be a #Pac12Refs situation at the National Championship Game. That's right, the highly-incompetent Pac-12 refs will be on full display in early January. I think my favorite part is that guy who tweeted it out seems to think college football will get a break by not getting ACC refs in the CFP. Think again pal.

- According to this ESPN Insider piece, Arizona is the 9th-best recruiting destination in the Pac-12

- Antonio Smothers didn't get to play much for the Wildcats, but he has an internship at Wal-Mart lined up after he graduates, so he has that going for him, which is nice

- We took a look at New Mexico's season, which looks familiar, because it's basically Arizona's season

- RichRod and Bob Davie spoke at the bowl game's kickoff luncheon on Wednesday


- Arizona needed a strong second half to extend the home winning streak to 43 games

Other sports

- Women's basketball hosts Louisiana Tech Thursday night. LaTech is not a good offensive team

Tucson news

- U of A was supposed to have an ice rink for finals prep week. That did not happen, maybe because it's hot outside, maybe because something else worse

- Some U of A people weigh in on the ongoing struggle with terrorism

- The Sierrita Mine is on the verge of closing and people are getting laid off