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Sonoran Hot Reads: Arizona/Utah among five best Pac-12 games in 2015

At least there was one really exciting moment this year

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't necessarily a banner year for the Arizona Wildcats, but it did still give us one last shot of adrenaline, when the Utah Utes came to town as the No. 10 team in the nation. Of course, Jerrard Randall and Nate Phillips pulled out the win in overtime, which earned it the title of fifth-best game in the Pac-12 this year according to Chantel Jennings. It comes only behind Stanford/Notre Dame, WSU/UCLA (which was happening at the same time), Oregon/Stanford, and Cal/ASU (Go Bears). So at least the 6-6 season still had a moment of great drama

- Pool parties are what brought Rob Gronkowski to Arizona

- Arizona is 7th in the "optimism" power rankings of the Pac-12, at least according to Kevin Gemmell. Think there's a lot of things left to happen before we know how optimistic to be about 2016

- Sonny Dykes and Rich Rodriguez did very similar things the last couple weeks, but for different reasons

- Was it a conspiracy to make half of the Pac-12 All-Century team USC players? No, but the thought of it is kind of funny

- Ted Miller listed seven Pac-12 schools with upcoming QB competitions, but didn't include Arizona. Thinking the Wildcats will actually join this list come August

- If you live in Tucson, the Arizona Bowl will be broadcast on the CW (Channel 8 for most people)


- T.J. McConnell is out here making a first overall pick look like an average joe

- All the talk after Wednesday's game has been about Allonzo Trier, and rightfully so. Ryan wrote this on him, and Anthony Gimino also had his own take. And Steve Rivera also had his angle, which includes Michael Dickerson and Khalid Reeves comparisons

- We graded the last two games. And we also learned things. Who says academics aren't important when it comes to college basketball?

Other sports

- Women's basketball game up with a 77-67 win over Louisiana Tech

Tucson news

- There was a rash of natural gas calls around town, but no leaks were discovered

Fourth Ave. street fair this weekend

- Donald Trump is trying to bring his campaign back to Arizona. No thanks