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T.J. McConnell and Kobe Bryant Caption Contest

What in the world did these two Philadelphia basketball legends say to each other?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

At the end of the 76ers victory over the Lakers last night, the Sixers players lined up to pay their respects to the retiring Kobe Bryant. After a few people closer in height and draft position gave Kobe some love, Arizona Desert Swarm favorite T.J. McConnell got in on the action and said a few things to the Laker legend. .

Now as much as we love T.J. around these parts, we also realize that he may not be a household name around the rest of the NBA just yet and we decided to have a little fun with the image below. We think it's safe to assume T.J. said something pretty generic congratulating Kobe and giving him props on his Hall of Fame career but what we wanted to know was -- what did Kobe say back to T.J.?

A few of our best captions are below and leave your favorite ones in the comments below. The winner of the best caption will win absolutely nothing but a job well done is reward enough isn't it?

Kobe: Hey man are you the guy the Players Tribune hired to write my farewell poem? That was good work, thanks for that.

Kobe: Letting the ball boy play for the team? That Hinkie is a tanking genius!

Kobe: You know the 'I'm sorry' ring I bought my wife is probably the same size as you are.

Kobe: Why in the hell do you say 'Bear Down' when your team is called the Wildcats?

Kobe: What was that thing you did a bunch of times in the game? You know, when a guy on your team was open so you gave him the ball? I've never seen that before.

Kobe: You ain't ever getting that top-3 pick.

Kobe: I've seen those Okafor videos. We're in a safe place here so you can be honest with me... is he hitting you?

Now it's your turn! Leave your best captions in the comments below.