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Sonoran Hot Reads: 2015-16 is Sean Miller's best coaching job?

It is kind of crazy Arizona only has one loss this year

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

As Arizona Wildcats basketball fans, we have become spoiled by Sean Miller's consistent success, and we probably lose sight of what's actually happening this year. Jon Rothstein, noted Twitter troll and Arizona doubter, explains why this is probably Miller's best coaching job of his career. Just take a step back, and appreciate that Arizona is 12-1 after playing the majority of this season without all five starters from last year

- Both Arizona and ASU are among Myron Medcalf's winners in non-conference play. ASU beat Cal State Bakersfield Monday, but their Twitter feed is ready for Sunday

- Jesse Perry scored 47 points in a game the other day. Here's a look at what he's been doing this season

- Here's a few of the best pictures from Arizona Athletics of the basketball game


- CBS' Derek Harper says that Cayleb Jones is making a gamble by declaring for the draft this year

There's a bowl game in Tucson on Tuesday

Other sports

- Women's basketball is playing a home game at 2 PM against George Mason on a Tuesday in between Christmas and New Years

Tucson news

- A few major road construction projects are coming to the Old Pueblo in 2016

- There was a shooting in Red Rock