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Sonoran Hot Reads: Arizona heavy favorites over New Mexico

The Wildcats are expected to win another bowl game by a lot

Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

It's not a real surprise, but the Arizona Wildcats are being favored heavily to beat the New Mexico Lobos in the New Mexico Bowl, even though it is essentially a road game. Arizona is favored by 11.5 points in this one, which is the third-largest spread of any bowl game. Only Virginia Tech (vs. Tulsa) and Arkansas (vs. Kansas State) are bigger favorites. According to ESPN's FPI, the Wildcats have a 78% chance of winning. This big spread also helps contribute to the New Mexico Bowl being the 35th-most watchable game of the 40 bowls.

- If you're staying in Tucson and go to the Arizona Bowl, you can get a 20-person suite with $500 dollars worth of food for just $5000

- There are three Heisman finalists, and one of them is Stanford's Christian McCaffrey. The winner will be announced on Saturday

- Sark is suing USC over his firing, and some of the stuff in the lawsuit is so bizarre

- Here's what William Parks and Johnny Jackson had to say about their upcoming final bowl experience

- The Pac-12 has itself to blame for being left out of the College Football Playoff this year

Scooby is practicing. Anthony Gimino explains why it's important for the linebacker to get this last game in


- Andy Katz named Gabe York his player of the week after dominating the second half of the Gonzaga game. Dick Vitale has the Wildcats as his team of the week

Other sports

- The GymCats held an intrasquad in front of 600+ fans on Sunday

- The soccer seniors are leaving behind quite the legacy

- Here's the best pictures from the past week from Arizona Athletics

Tucson news

- Don't steal Christmas decorations. You'll get caught. You're also awful

- Swan was closed at Speedway for a while due to a "suspicious package". It ended up being a fax machine at a bus stop