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Sonoran Hot Reads: Comparing Arizona and ASU

"Scientific" research on Arizona being better

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

It's always fun when people compare Arizona and ASU on the internet, and someone named Lori Lipson at Odyssey did just that, and it is amazing. While it's obviously biased, I want to turn everyone's attention to the sports section, and the flaming hot takes in it:

"The most crucial part of a big University besides the academics is the sports. Football and basketball are both very important to both schools. Even though both schools are not ranked in the top 25 College Football rankings, they are both great football schools. ASU is ranked number four in the Southern Division of the Pac 12 and The U of A is ranked number five. Even though ASU is ranked only one above The U of A in football, wait until you hear about U of A's basketball: according to USA Today Coaches Poll, Arizona is ranked number 12 in the entire country. ASU is not even ranked."

So there you have it. Being ranked 5th in the Pac-12 South makes you a great football school. Science says so

- In other Arizona university news, NAU quarterback Case Cookus was named the FCS Freshman of the Year

- It's going to be nothing but Scooby Wright for the next week, and the Daily Star has 11 things they think you should know about Scooby

- New Mexico making its first bowl appearance since 2007 is the biggest storyline of the New Mexico Bowl

- The International Business Times weighs in on New Mexico Bowl tickets and odds

- Here's the full schedule of events and everything else you'll need if you're planning on making the trip to Albuquerque


- Sean Miller sort of put Dusan Ristic on blast in his press conference on Monday. The Cats take on Fresno State Wednesday night at 7

- Alec explains why we got the full Arizona basketball experience on Saturday


- There will be an Arizona Alumni weekend on January 30th with a lot of cool events

Other sports

- Men's tennis and Sand Volleyball teamed up for this video. Needed more of the accents in my opinion

- Penina Snuka was named to the All-Region first-team volleyball team

Tucson news

- There are buildings being demolished for the Grant widening project, and at least one person isn't sad to see the "mini-dorm" go

- A fire started in the Santa Ritas Tuesday evening

Raytheon continues to thrive