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Arizona basketball roundtable: Vulnerable two seeds and will Kentucky lose?

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Which two seed will lose first, and will someone beat Kentucky?

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It always happens. Some team loses early that no one thought would lose until the Final Four.

So which two-seed is vulnerable to that this year? We discuss, plus, is Kentucky actually going to lose a game?

1. Which two seed gets eliminated first?

Bryan Doherty: I'm admittedly a bit chalky with my bracket because I think the gap in the top three-four lines and others this year is wider than many recent seasons but I have Gonzaga going out first to Iowa State. I've never really bought into the Zags the way some have. Wiltjer and Pangos are terrific but I've believe Karnowski and Sabonis to be way overrated all year, their record is inflated by a bad WCC and they lost to Arizona on a day the Wildcats didn't even play that great. I don't think this is a truly elite team.

David Potts: Kansas. They gave Kansas the best 15-seed (New Mexico State) in the first round and a potential match-up with the best 7-seed (Wichita State) in the second round. Kansas will be lucky to make it out of the first weekend.

Gabe Encinas: Kansas. Pretty inconsistent and young team that could slip up early, just like last year. Gonzaga and Virginia should cruise through their bracket. But wouldn't be surprised if Arizona sees the door early.

Zach Tennen: My bold two seed upset prediction is that Kansas gets bounced by Wichita State in the round of 32. It will be a home game for both teams. I think Wichita State is so well coached and disciplined on defense that the Shockers win a close game over the Jayhawks.

Steven Rodriguez: This one is easy, it's Virginia. They are playing their worst basketball at the worst time. It, also, doesn't help they received an unlucky draw.

Lewis Krell: Virginia. You never want to play Michigan State in March, especially a Michigan State team that seems to be playing its best basketball of the year. I have the other 2-seeds all making the Sweet Sixteen with relative ease, but I think Virginia goes down early.

Ryan Kelapire: Kansas. KU got extremely unlucky that Wichita State is potentially they're Round of 32 matchup. The Shockers were ranked as the 8th best team in the country before the tournament, so I'm not sure how or why the Selection Committee pegged them as a 7-seed.

2. Will anyone beat Kentucky?

BD: Homer alert, but yes, I think Arizona can beat Kentucky. Will? I have it in my bracket but there was never a scenario if Arizona was healthy I wasn't picking them so that's almost irrelevant. You basically have to be able to rebound their misses and hit jump shots against them. The latter part is what concerns me about that potential matchup. Arizona won't get its usual allotment of second chance points vs UK. Defensively though I do believe the Wildcats match up well with Kentucky and could give them fits when Kentucky is on offense.

DP: Yes, but I have no idea who that will be. They will probably lose simply because it is very, very difficult to avoid elimination when one loss knocks you out. If each round of the NCAA tournament were played as a best-of-seven series, Kentucky would be 70%+ to win the entire tournament even now. But because just one bad game could eliminate Kentucky, I think I'd take the field over Kentucky to win the tournament. That said, they're still the overwhelming favorite to win the whole thing; it's just that they're 30-45% to win it all rather than 50%+.

GE: Nope. This team is too good. Might as well go 40-0.

ZT: Someone is likely to beat Kentucky in my opinion. I do not think going undefeated into the tournament benefits Calipari's squad at all. The Wildcats are not simply going to continue blowing out teams. If some team can manage to slow down the game and limit the shot attempts, that would make Kentucky somewhat vulnerable despite its great abundance of talent.

SR: Nope. Not until they lose to the REAL Wildcats! Kentucky has not played a complete team like U of A that has depth, size, talent, coaching, etc. A weak SEC conference will not prepare Kentucky for Arizona and will be unknown territory playing a hungry U of A team.

LK: Yes. I have to be an optimist right? They have all the pressure in the world on them and I do honestly believe losing one game before the tournament would have made them more likely to win it all. That may be a really stupid sports cliche but I'm sticking with it.

RK: Yes. I still think someone other than Kentucky will win the championship this year. I'm not sure who is going to beat them (hopefully it's Arizona), but I'm not sold on them winning it all. Seems like the best team in college basketball rarely wins the NCAA Tournament.