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2015 NCAA Tournament: Xavier punches out Cinderella, Arizona awaits

Georgia State gave everyone the most memorable moment of the 2015 NCAA tournament in the first round. Ultimately Xavier was disinterested in an encore and behind the stellar play of Jalen Reynolds and Myles Davis got the Musketeers a date with Arizona in the Sweet 16.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Be honest, as great as the Sean Miller-Xavier story line is, you wanted Arizona-Georgia State.

You wanted R.J and Ron Hunter for another week.

You wanted Cinderella to keep dancing.

Jalen Reynolds and Myles Davis don't care one iota what you want.

Xavier started strong and finished stronger as the Reynolds/Davis duo combined for 38 points off the bench, killing the Panthers with the inside/out combo that left Georgia State unable to replicate its rally vs Baylor. Despite a few runs late to get the game within four-five points, Georgia State couldn't string together the stops late needed to give R.J. Hunter an opportunity to play hero once again.

Myles Davis hit a monster three to put Xavier up 10 with just under two minutes to play and from that point it was simply play the foul game and pray. Xavier calmly stepped to the line repeatedly in the final minutes and knocked down free throws to ice the game and ensure its spot in the Sweet 16.

R.J Hunter wasn't perfect for Georgia State but on a night when he was still pretty good the Panthers didn't get the supporting cast needed to keep their dream season going. Despite its best attempts to speed up the game with its press, Xavier was able to keep things under control and at the pace it wanted to play for the majority of the night with just 80 shots between the teams (Georgia St-Baylor finished with 96).

Xavier now moves on to the Sweet 16 where Arizona awaits, fresh off a dominant second half to cruise past Ohio State on Saturday. The Musketeers and Arizona have been regular residents of the second weekend recently but neither has been able to punch that Final Four ticket.

Now both take the floor one step closer, while the other will be dealt yet another frustrating defeat.