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Arizona community rallies around American Pharoah

Because who doesn't love a horse with Arizona ties?

Elsa/Getty Images

After taking a rain-soaked Preakness Stakes on Saturday, American Pharoah is now just one win away from the Triple Crown.

American Pharoah is, of course, trained by Bob Baffert, who is an Arizona alum.

So it's been kind of cool to watch the Arizona community get behind this three-year-old horse for the past couple weeks, and now for three more weeks heading into the Belmont.

It's ranged from prominent head coaches:

(By the way, American Pharoah is literally the only thing RichRod has tweeted about the last three weeks)

to the athletics department as a whole:

and to our nifty new hashtag #AHorsesProgram

And if American Pharoah does pull off the Triple Crown, will we see his number(s) raised to the rafters in McKale?