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Arizona basketball: Joseph Blair is not returning to the coaching staff next season, according to report

The assistant coaching staff continues to change

Harry How/Getty Images

Sean Miller's coaching staff will be quite different in this upcoming year. Damon Stoudamire is leaving for Memphis, and is reportedly being replaced by Mark Phelps. And today, a report from Scout's Jason Scheer reveals that Joseph Blair will not be back either:

Blair was known for being instrumental in the development of Arizona's big men, namely Kaleb Tarczewski and Dusan Ristic. Blair, nearly a 7-footer himself, not only coached them up, he also competed against them on the court as his size made him a perfect post defender to practice against day in and day out.

It's likely that Blair is not going to go coach elsewhere, but is planning to focus on his charity group instead.

At this point, it's uncertain who Sean Miller will get to replace Blair, but the replacement will have some big shoes to fill. Literally.