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Sonoran Hot Reads (6/14)

Arizona sports are officially over :(

Win McNamee/Getty Images

And so begins the couple months of summer, after Track and Field wrapped up on Saturday evening. Slow day all around, but here are some things you should read:


- Gabe took a look at the QB situation in case Anu Solomon goes down for some reason

- Several offers went out. Add Lorenzo BurnsStephen Carr, and Anthony Hines to the list of Arizona targets. Carr is a current USC commit at running back.

- Need a pick-me-up? How about Chuck Cecil?


- Jerryd Baylessdad died

- The Arizona staff started descending upon Colorado Springs for the USA U19 Training Camp

- Arizona commit T.J. Leaf is also there, even as three players dropped out

- Zack Rosenblatt revisits Michael Dickerson


- Brandon Dixon took Kurt Heyer deep in the first inning of the Springfield/Tulsa game. Dixon also stole a base off of Heyer.

Virginia beat Arkansas and Florida beat Miami on the first day of the College World Series

Other sports

- Women's track picked up three team points thanks to Nnenya Hailey finishing sixth in the 400m hurdles. Arizona finished tied for 45th as a team

Tucson news

- The USS Gabrielle Giffords was christened

- As he promised, Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers got tased by a Coyotes fan, and the video is fantastic

That's all for today! If you see anything hilarious or in need of attention, send it along!