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Entourage needed more Gronk

We always need more Gronk

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

I went to go see Entourage this weekend, because I watched the entire series, and I felt like I needed to go see it for several different reasons.

One of those reasons was all the talk about how great Rob Gronkowski's cameo was. I was so pumped to see what Gronk was gonna do in this movie.

As a fan of the show, the movie was just about perfect. It's basically an entire season wrapped up into one movie.

But the lack of Gronk was extremely disappointing.

He's in just one scene, and that scene's pretty early in the movie. He's on camera for a total of about five or ten seconds, and in all of those seconds, he's holding a beer bong.

No epic Gronk lines like this:

(content removed)

The guys at Entourage did not play such a great job by giving me less Gronk.

The more frustrating thing of the lack of Gronk was that Russell Wilson was one of the main dudes throughout that particular scene. Thinking the masses would rather have more Gronk and less Russell Wilson.

Dear Doug Ellin, if you do another Entourage Movie (despite this one bombing), I think we can all agree that there should be more Gronk and less everyone else (except Sloan).