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Sonoran Hot Reads (6/21)

Dog days of summer

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

In honor of Mathew Troupe announcing he's leaving Arizona, enjoy that picture of a dog in Dodgers gear as we officially reach the dog days of summer.


- Gabe continued our draft profile series with his take on Brandon Ashley's future

- I tried to find out what everyone from the 2002-03 basketball team is up to now, and ran into some problems

DraftExpress has video of T.J. McConnell working out, where he also says he thinks he's going to go undrafted

- The ABA's Tucson Buckets held tryouts, and you too can tryout in July. This is not going to go well


Super fan Andrew Valdez passed away


- Johnny Field has this message about making his league's All-Star team

Other sports

- Swimmer Lacey Nymeyer-John sat down for a Q&A with Jon Gold

- Jim Furyk is T-47th at +7 in the U.S. Open

Tucson news

- The guy involved in the car chase and shooting has been identified

- You may want to avoid these two restaurants

Still really hot