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Sonoran Hot Reads (6/26)

Well now that's behind us

Elsa/Getty Images

The NBA Draft was on Thursday night, and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson tried to steal the show early on when he showed up in that suit. He was then the 23rd player taken on the night, but the Trail Blazers shipped him to the Nets, making this exchange, which took place literally seconds before the trade broke, even more hilarious

Nets Daily breaks down the trade, which included Mason Plumlee

- Stanley Johnson was taken 8th by the Detroit Pistons.

- The guys at Detroit Bad Boys have a lot on Johnson. There's some really good stuff in their StoryStream, including the current players welcoming himStan Van Gundy talking Stanley, and what will be really fun, Stanley vs. Chad Ford breaks down the pick

- Unfortunately, both T.J. McConnell and Brandon Ashley did not have their names called

- Ashley will join the Lakers for Summer League. McConnell will head to the Sixers


Special teams should be good this year


- Three years ago this week, Arizona was still good at baseball

- Shelley Duncan is doing alright as manager of the Hillsboro Hops

Other sports

- Cross country finalized its schedule

Tucson news

- I drove by this as the helicopter was landing to get this guy

- An F-16 out of DM crashed outside of Douglas