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2015 NBA Draft: Brandon Ashley changes course, will play for the Atlanta Hawks in Summer League

It appeared B-Ash was headed to play for the Lakers in Summer League, but a recent report says he'll now play for the Hawks

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

It was reported right after the NBA Draft that Brandon Ashley was going to play for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Summer League, but it appears he has had a change of heart and will now play for the Atlanta Hawks.

It's not that unusual for a player to do this. It is vital for Ashley to make sure he'll get a significant amount of playing time in the Summer League to showcase his talent, and if he felt he wasn't going to get enough minutes with the Lakers, switching teams is certainly the right move.

The Hawks are actually a better fit anyway, in my opinion, since Ashley's playing style of a "stretch four" is conducive to the way the Atlanta Hawks play. They love to spread the floor and have their big men to shoot from the perimeter, and if Ashley makes the NBA it will be because of his shooting ability at his size.

The Las Vegas Summer League starts on July 10th.