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Sonoran Hot Reads (6/7)

Giddy up!

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Is it possible that the biggest sporting event in recent Arizona history was actually the Belmont?

Possibly. That and more in today's "Sonoran Hot Reads"

Horse Racing

- If you didn't know U of A had a Racetrack Industry program, you do now.

- Our beloved American Pharoah won the Triple Crown Saturday! You can watch the entire race, or simply check out the entire finishing order and payouts, or you can watch jockey Victor Espinoza curse on TV.


- Sean Miller is excited about American Pharoah too!

- After working out with the Suns on Friday, Rondae paid coach a visit.

- Justin Simon and Ray Smith were working out at UNLV.

- 2017 PG Markus Howard was offered by Arizona.


- RichRod is excited about American Pharoah too!

- That was after the coaching staff held a huge high school camp on campus for a bunch of prospects.

- Paul Magloire went golfing, and made sure his cart number matched his jersey number.

- Of course, go watch "Bear Down - The Force Awakens"

- Three-star running back JJ Taylor was offered.


- Chip Hale is excited about American Pharoah too!

- Check out our photo gallery of the last two years of Kevin Newman, and read about him too. KVOA also did a thing on him.

- Kurt Heyer's minor league team wore some crazy jerseys on Saturday.

Other sports

- Greg Byrne is excited about American Pharoah too!

- Byrne also introduced the new gymnastics coach on Twitter, which caused some confusion, since we all would like a baseball coach.

- Jon Gold took a look at some of the students currently in the Racetrack program.

- Football and Track athlete DJ Ware received an offer for a track scholarship.

Tucson news

- There was a fire in Redington Pass

- A woman got kidnapped in Tucson, and was found in Phoenix, which is nuts.