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AZDS Twitterbag: Talking Scooby Wright, Sean Miller and more

Answering your questions!

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Want to try something new here on AZ Desert Swarm, and a Tuesday Twitterbag seemed like a good place to start! I asked for your questions, and some of you sent some in.

If you have a question you want answered about anything, not just Arizona sports, tweet them to us, or even send them in on our Facebook page, and we'll try and do this every Tuesday from now on.

Here we go:

I think Scooby's going to have another great season, but I also think it's a little unreasonable to expect him to put up the same numbers he did last year. It was crazy how many categories he was in the top-five nationally, and now that offensive coordinators know they have to scheme around him, I feel the numbers will go down. But offenses going away from him will force other guys to step up, and I think the defense as a whole has more talent than last year. One guy I'm really looking forward to see on the field regularly is Cam Denson. I sense a big year for him. Also, guys like Jamar Allah and Tellas Jones could have big years in the secondary alongside William Parks. The defensive line still worries me a bit, but the improved depth in the secondary and at linebacker should yield better results than last year.

Wow, this is interesting. Do you put Pitt on here because it's his alma mater? He spent time as an assistant at Wisconsin and NC State too. I honestly don't know of a school that would lure Sean Miller away. Arizona is essentially at the top of the college basketball heap again. It was interesting that his name was floated for the New Orleans Pelicans opening during the playoffs. Maybe it's the NBA that pulls him away, if that were to ever happen. It's interesting that he was a grad assistant under Stan Van Gundy at Wisconsin. Maybe SVG leaves the bench and tries to put Miller there? I honestly don't see Miller leaving anytime soon though.

Ryan gave the possible starting lineup combos a while ago. I think I'd go with a Justin Simon/Kadeem Allen/Allonzo Trier combo, but there's still a lot to happen before we get to the point where this is decided.

I don't know enough about this, but him choosing Arizona Western after leaving LSU certainly helps I would guess. Shoutout to Yuma for having a stacked football team this year.

Man I hope so. I honestly thought we would get more Randall last year, especially when Anu was dealing with the ankle injury. If Jerrard shows that he can run the offense effectively, I would think that we'll get some packages with him in there to throw off the opposing defense a little bit. His mental game is the major hurdle that he needs to clear though. He could get a decent amount of playing time in the nonconference season too, if those games go as expected and are blowouts.

fb question

The gradient numbers had to leave because they're against NCAA rules, and Arizona had a waiver to use them for that one season. I don't think new uniforms are coming this year (although I wish they would), but Matt Dudek did hint at a possible throwback uniform game a while back, which would be great. But I think we're stuck with the gross unis they have for now.

Women's swimming and diving. Although the Witt twins could make some serious noise in Beach Volleyball this year.

Hope you enjoyed the first edition of our Twitterbag! Send in your questions on Monday nights and Tuesday mornings to have them answered in future ones!