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Sonoran Hot Reads (7/6)

It was a U.S.A. kind of day

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

A day after Independence Day, the USA had a great day on Sunday. Sean Miller started it off with a gold medal win in Greece with the U19 team, and then the US Women's National Team took home the Women's World Cup at night. Kellie Fox and USA Softball also won their World Cup


- Get caught up on Day One and Day Two of NBA Summer League play for the former Wildcats. Here's more on Stanley Johnson from Detroit Bad Boys

- T.J. McConnell is ready to show the Sixers what he can do

- Bleacher Report's Jason King did a lengthy Q&A with Sean Miller before he left for Greece


- Wildcat Radio is back, and is previewing USC and ASU

- Speaking of ASU, our pals at House of Sparky remember the first Territorial Cup game between RichRod and Todd Graham

- While Gabe's been talking to recruits, he found one common theme that they all like: the cohesion of the coaching staff

- For some reason, Heat Waved thinks Arizona will be 9-0 heading into November


- Willie Calhoun is tearing it up for the Dodgers so far

- Scott Kingery has dropped to a .220 batting average. Still no errors though

- Mark Melancon picked up his 25th-straight save on Sunday for the Pirates. He should be named an All-Star Monday afternoon

Other sports

- Women's tennis added a new assistant coach

Tucson news

Seven brush fires on the Fourth. Good work everyone.....

- It rained hard, so now the Rillito is running