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2015 NBA Summer League: Aaron Gordon continues his dominance, T.J. and Rondae have quiet games in day four of Summer League

It's safe to say that Aaron Gordon has been the best player at Summer League so far

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

At this point, we can expect Aaron Gordon to have a dominant game night in and night out in the Orlando Summer League.

I've written this in the recaps for the past few days, and it's worth noting again: his jumpshot looks great. His form is smooth and just looks a lot more natural than when he was at Arizona. He's 6-12 from behind the arc so far. Obviously he's not going to shoot 50% when the regular season starts, but he only shot 27% from three in his rookie year, and it seems like a given that he'll improve from that mark.

Aside from just having a revamped jumper, he also has looked comfortable creating off the dribble, and has had some nice moves in the post as well. He looks like a completely different player on the offensive end.

"I feel like I can pretty much control what I want to do on offense," he said.

In three Summer League games, his averages are: 21.7 PPG, 11. RPG, 2.7 ASTs, 1.3 STLs, and 1.7 BLKs. He's also shooting 50% from both the field and from three. He's excelling at every facet of the game. Okay, everything except free throw shooting, since he's only 11-22 from the charity stripe.

In Tuesday's action, Gordon had 22 points on 8-19 shooting, went 3-5 from three-point land, and had seven rebounds, four assists, and three blocks.

He shot well from the perimeter, threaded the needle with some nice passes, handled the ball in transition, finished at the rim, and of course, made some impressive defensive plays, including a potential game-saving block in sudden death 2OT. Yes, that exists in Summer League ball, and yes it's awesome.

Anyway, here are the highlights:

The other two Wildcats that were in action today were Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and T.J. McConnell.

Rondae had a pretty uneventful game. He went 1-6 from the field and finished with two points, three rebounds, three steals, and an assist.

T.J.'s night went a little bit better. He started again for the Sixers, and had a line of four points, five rebounds, and two assists. His assist number is not really indicative of how well he passed the ball. There were a few times were he create open looks for his teammates, but they could not convert.

That being said, there were some times where T.J. was too unselfish with the ball. In one instance, it was very frustrating. He drove into the paint from the wing, and had a clear path for a wide-open layup. He must've thought the help defense from the corner was going to converge on him to cut him off from getting to the basket, but the defense never came. Yet, he kicked it out to Jahlil Okafor on the baseline anyway, thus passing up an open layup.

He also continues to struggle shooting the ball from distance, as T.J. is now 0-4 on his three-point attempts in two Summer League games.

He'll likely make the Sixers when all is said and done, but if he could start hitting some threes, he'd really lock in his place on the team.