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The Basketball Tournament: Kyle Fogg, Overseas Elite advance to Sunday's Championship Game

Playing for that cash

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

After advancing to the semifinals of "The Tournament", former Arizona Wildcats standout Kyle Fogg and his team Overseas Elite advanced to Sunday's final.

Overseas Elite defeated City of Gods 84-71, sending them on to the deciding game with Team 23, which will be broadcast on ESPN and streamed on Watch ESPN at Noon PT on Sunday.

Fogg scored 12 points on just six shots, and also added four rebounds and an assist. He looked good from deep range (2-2 from three) and getting back on defense. He did struggle at the free throw line, missing all three attempts.

The winning team will receive $1,000,000. Fogg's share of the prize will be about $87,000. If you're around New York City, the game will be played at Fordham University. You can get tickets here.