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Sonoran Hot Reads: Rich Rodriguez the best running backs coach?

This is an interesting development with the spread offense

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview with ESPN, Arizona Wildcats head coach Rich Rodriguez explains why he may be the best coach for running backs in the nation. Rodriguez is the only coach in the country to have coached five different 1,700 yard rushers. By comparison, Oregon has had four 1,700 yard rushers.

Anyways, it's a really interesting read on how running backs actually benefit from the spread offense, not just quarterbacks.

- ESPN's also doing a Pac-12/SEC challenge series, and it was Arizona's turn. They got Arkansas, which would be fun in real life I think. The permalink for that story says Arizona State though

- Thursday was another day with two practices. Here's the video report

- Lance Briggs is all about wanting to punch quarterbacks

- The Pac-12 Networks is reportedly trying to reach an agreement with DirecTV before the football season starts, which would be nice


- Apparently Parker Jackson-Cartwright has been putting on some serious muscle. Bruce Pascoe also notes in there that two former Wildcats have become NBA D-League head coaches

- In other Daily Star news, Zack Rosenblatt released his top ten Arizona basketball players of all-time

- Mizzou fans over at Rock M Nation are not excited about having to play Arizona again this year

- In recruiting news, Markelle Fultz is visiting Washington this weekend. Marvin Bagley III is trying not to let all of the attention he's getting go to his head.


- Joey Rickard was recently promoted to Triple-A Durham. I know this because of this ridiculous walkup song playlist tweet from Thursday

Other sports

- Volleyball is ranked 17th in the AVCA preseason poll

- Women's soccer is in Utah to play an exhibition match against BYU

Tucson news

- A Tucson-based hip-hop crew won the USA Hip-Hop Championship

U of A has made innovative cameras for a NASA asteroid sample collection mission

Colossal Cave is about to get reenergized