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Sonoran Hot Reads: Kangaroos invade Tucson, and we're all doomed

No really, kangaroos on the loose!

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Paul Kane/Getty Images

I'm not going to lie to you, a football camp with no quarterback battle has been a little dull. Yes, there's plenty of drama on the offensive line, but that's nothing compared to two dang kangaroos getting loose in Marana.

Kangaroos in Tucson Mountain District 08/17/15

An ATL from Down Under! Yesterday, Deputy Bierman took a call regarding lost kangaroos. Two kangaroos got out of their yard and were running loose on the far northwest side of town. When we are searching for people we usually release what's called an ATL (Attempt To Locate), which is read out loud by dispatchers to other deputies in the area. An ATL was put out warning other deputies to be on the look out for loose kangaroos. This was definitely an unusual ATL!The video was shot by someone who spotted the lost kangaroos yesterday, but they weren't able to catch them. They were last seen hopping around our Tucson Mountain District, near the area of Anway Road and Avra Valley Road. If anyone sees them please call 9-1-1!Here is the audio recording from the ATL that went out yesterday for the kangaroos-**These kangaroos are actually wallaroos: It is legal to own them if properly done. There is a chance one of the kangaroos is on the owner's property, but there is one loose for sure.**#RooRoundup

Posted by Pima County Sheriff's Department on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I'm here to talk kangaroos. That's it. Or if you read this story, these are actually a mix of a kangaroo and a wallaby, which means super marsupials are about to take over Tucson, and I for one welcome our new kangaroollaby overlords.


- Ok, I'll talk football too. Here is the practice report, where an offensive play is featured, but the defense crushed the offense on Tuesday. RichRod also said that the secondary is a "pleasant thing" he has seen, which has shown early on. People will be surprised with the depth there.

- We also talked about the secondary, O-line and more in this week's Twitterbag. Steve Rivera also talked offensive line over on Rivals


- Marvin Bagley, who may be the best high school basketball player this state has ever seen, is moving from Corona del Sol to Hillcrest Hoops


- Riley Moore is going to play pro ball in Australia

Terry Francona accompanied fellow former Red Sox manager John Farrell to his first chemotherapy session, which is just so cool

Other sports

- Men's tennis announced their fall schedule

- You can meet various Arizona head coaches and Greg Byrne on the Streetcar on Thursday before getting lunch at Cup Cafe

- Both Kellie Fox and Alyssa Palomino had success with Team USA softball teams

Tucson news

- All other news is irrelevant because there are LOOSE KANGAROOS