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Sonoran Hot Reads: Nick Wilson, Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Week

Could be the first of many for the running back

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

After putting up nearly 200 rushing yards in just three quarters of action against Nevada, ESPN tabbed Nick Wilson as its Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Week. Of course, the Pac-12 itself went another direction, and named Luke Falk the conference's official player of the week. Why? Because Washington State actually won a game?

- Staying in the state of Washington, I got mad at UW Dawg Pound last week for making things up about Arizona. Well, they didn't do that this week, and the Wildcats moved back up to sixth in their power rankings, as ASU fell all the way down to ninth

- Arizona commit Devon Modster set a Tesoro High record for passing yards this week. Russell Halimon also had a pretty good week

Walk-on safety Samir Hinn has been added to the roster

- You can read some of the notable things from the weekly press conference here. Not a lot of big news this week

- You might remember Jake Olson from old Sportscenter features with Pete Carroll. Well, the blind USC fan is walking on to the team as a long snapper. That's pretty cool man


- There are almost no tickets left for the Red/Blue Game

Other sports

- Men's golf is 12th after one day at Pebble Beach

Tucson news

- The city has not recovered well from the recession

- Let's get a train from Tucson to Phoenix please