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Sonoran Hot Reads: Chipotle delivers to U of A

Now you don't even have to walk to Chipotle!

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

I don't know how long this has been a thing, but the University of Arizona is one of six schools that Chipotle delivers to. All three major Arizona schools are on the list, plus LSU, USC, and Cal State Chico, but they'll be expanding to 40 other schools this fall. So now even more people can pay $5 delivery for a $6 burrito.

- Other really important U of A news includes YOU, our readers, being better at grammar than most of the other football schools in the Top 25.

- Oh, and T-Pain is coming to Arizona this October during what will be one of the biggest recruiting weekends for all sports this semester


- Get caught up with all of our UTSA game week stuff right here

- Jesse Scroggins is getting one last chance at leading a college football team as a grad transfer at Lindenwood

- Tony Ellison likes sharing numbers with punters apparently. He changed from 39 (Drew Riggleman) to 9 (Josh Pollack). Arizona now has three No. 9s (Dane Cruikshank is the third)

- Arizona is a huge favorite for Thursday night. You can find all of UTSA's official stuff in here

- Cal Golden Blogs has Arizona 5th in their initial Pac-12 power poll

Order food to your seat at Arizona Stadium this year with Grub Runner

- Is Paul Magloire going to be good? If he is, it might be because he doesn't use Twitter anymore


Niya Butts reviews Jurassic World (yes, this is as much basketball as I can put in here right now)


Jett Bandy and Robert Refsnyder were both called up as MLB rosters expanded for September

Tucson news

Sun Tran added some more routes for during the day, even though the strike continues

- Get ready for all day breakfast at McDonald's