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Wildcat Radio Week Three Pick'em Results

Accountability at its finest.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to our friend @DaxTrujillo, Wildcat Radio has the results of our week three Pac-12 football picks on the podcast. We will keep a running tab after each week. The winner each week gets to host the podcast. Ties go to whomever has the best cumulative score.

Week Two Winner: Bryant (4-5-1)
Won: Georgia State, BYU, Washington, Oregon State
Lost: ASU, Cal, Fresno State, USC, Wazzu
Push: Colorado State

Josh (4-5-1)
Won: Washington, Stanford, Utah, BYU
Lost: ASU, Oregon, San Jose St., Cal, Wazzu
Push: Colorado State

Rick: (3-6-1)
Won: Georgia State, BYU, Utah State
Lost: ASU, Cal, USC, Wazzu, Fresno St., San Jose St.
Push: Colorado St.

Season Totals Against the Spread:

Bryant (14-13-1)
Rick (13-14-1)
Josh (13-14-1)