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Sonoran Hot Reads: Is the Pac-12 North actually good?

Kind of surprising numbers

Harry How/Getty Images

If you haven't been paying close attention, and I guess I haven't, the Pac-12 North has rebounded from their horrible first week very well. While the South is 15-3 overall, the North is 13-5, and both divisions are .500 against other Power 5 teams. With Stanford's win at USC and Cal's win at Texas this past week, maybe the North is a little better than everyone thought after one game.

- Sticking with the North, Kevin Hogan is questionable for Stanford when they face Oregon State this weekend

- Travis Haney says Arizona hasn't looked sharp in its first three games. He apparently has not watched the last two games

- The biggest question this week will be whether or not the UCLA defense can stop the Arizona offense like it did last year

- Watch the NAU week Sights and Sounds video. And if you want to know what RichRod said at his weekly press conference, here are some of the notable quotes

Other sports

Women's basketball's schedule has been released

- Get to know GymCat Lauryn Mattson

Check out this awesome article on Georganne Moline

Tucson news

It rained. All. Day. Long.