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Sonoran Hot Reads: Is this Arizona's Rose Bowl year?

Could this finally be the year?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Not to put the cart before the horse here, but I found this article by LostLettermen on Wednesday really intriguing. They wondered if this is the year the Arizona Wildcats finally break through and reach their first Rose Bowl in program history. And there's a lot of good points. The schedule (although next year's schedule is of similar strength), the UCLA injuries, the way the College Football Playoff. Everything is working in Arizona's favor right now. I'm not here to jinx things. I'm just here to share this piece and maybe get a discussion going on it.

- Speaking of UCLA injuries, Myles Jack is done for the year after injuring his knee in practice on Tuesday. Here's how Jim Mora made that announcementCBS gives three things to watch for from UCLA after this injury

- It's a big weekend in the Pac-12 with not only UCLA/UA, but Oregon/Utah and USC/ASU going down as well

- Does Oregon actually benefit from missing Arizona more than the other way around?

- The numbers still don't like Arizona. Get outta here numbers

Here are some betting lines you might want to know about before Saturday evening

- Our friends at Campus Insiders give their picks for the game

- What's it like to be Drew RigglemanIt's ok I guess

- Rich Rodriguez was on ESPN Radio. You can hear the whole thing here

The Solid Verbal talks Arizona/UCLA, and a name we are familiar with was suspended at Florida this week

- Anthony Gimino ranks the top-five home games in Arizona history. Will this week be the new number one?

Other sports

- Soccer has a big game this weekend as well

- Men's tennis has home matches this weekend too, just not on campus

- The gymnastics schedule was released


- This isn't Arizona news, but since it's UCLA week, you all should know that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar does not approve of the current state of UCLA basketball. Seems like an important alum you should keep happy

Tucson news

- There was a fatal explosion at a south side scrap yard

Someone else got hit on Euclid. Let's be more careful driving around campus y'all

- We know El Nino's going to bring more rain this winter, but how about more snake bites?