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Sonoran Hot Reads: Arizona in three of the 40 best college basketball games this year

Arizona has quite a few big games this year on the court

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We are on the Eve. of possibly the biggest football game in the history of Arizona Stadium, but let's talk about big basketball games this year. ESPN Insider put out what they think are the top 40 games of the college basketball season this year, and the Arizona Wildcats are involved in three of them. Checking in at No. 11 is the trip to Gonzaga. 15th is the trip to Cal, and 33rd is when UCLA comes to town. The best game next year? Kentucky/Duke on November 17th. The Wildcats could get another game in here if the Michigan State matchup comes to fruition in Anaheim.


- This UCLA game may come down to Arizona getting Scooby Wright III back and the Bruins losing Myles Jack

- Recruiting coordinator Matt Dudek is trying to come up with unique ways to take advantage of GameDay being in town. This is super-informative if you haven't seen it

- If you want Joey Galloway's perspective on this game, here you go. Seems like an odd person to talk about a Pac-12 game but you do you ESPN. Galloway also teamed up with Cris Carter to discuss if Arizona is the team to beat in the Pac-12

- The Bruins are definitely not the only College Football Playoff contender hitting the road this weekend for a tough game

- Here are some interesting stats about how the quarterbacks and running backs matchup

- Shane Dale is not being a good Arizona alum with his picks on ABC 15

- You know it's a big game when Dan Bickley is writing about Arizona

- Curious about what the records are of all the coaches in the Pac-12. The LA Times did that for us. They also looked at how Pac-12 coaches seem to have success very quickly

UCLA has been pretty good against Arizona in the recent past


- The 2015 recruiting class was ranked 19th by Collegiate Baseball

Other Sports

Cross country is going to Minneapolis

- Men's golf is off to Albuquerque

- Volleyball lost in four sets at ASU on Thursday night

Tucson news

- Since bus drivers got more money, now police officers want more too

People are vandalizing vehicles at Mountain View HS