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Ol' Crimson update: ESPN sending replacement Washington State flag to Tucson

Let's be concerned about this flag

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

With GameDay in Tucson, the focus has turned to a particular flag, and whether or not it will be flying over the UA Mall Saturday morning.

The Washington State flag known as Ol' Crimson has been at 166-straight College GameDay broadcasts, but was lost in the mail in Mississippi on Friday.

"That was the biggest news out of the day," GameDay senior coordinating producer Lee Fitting told me on Friday afternoon. "We love Ol' Crimson."

Apparently, ESPN is trying to get a replica out to Tucson in time for the show Saturday morning.

"Back in Bristol at our ESPN campus, we have a Washington State flag displayed in our new cafeteria," Fitting explained. "So the story goes that they took that down this morning, and are shipping it out here and we're hoping it's here in time for the show tomorrow morning."

"That's just a nice little piece of drama and what makes GameDay GameDay."

Someone at ESPN sent Keri Potts a picture of where the replica usually hangs, and sure enough, it's not there anymore.