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Sonoran Hot Reads: The first full Saturday of college football is here!

And away we go!

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Even though we've already been through our stress for the first week of the season, there's plenty of Pac-12 action coming. So far though, the conference has enjoyed wins from Utah over Michigan and Oregon State over Weber State. Unfortunately, Colorado lost to Hawaii in controversial fashion, and Washington failed to get passed Boise State.

- Back to Arizona news though, if anything new comes up with Scooby Wright's knee injury, you can find it here, along with all of the other updates so far

Grantland is worried about the potential of a Scooby-less Arizona team

- ESPN did a fun profile on the mirror lab, which is probably one of the more unique things found in a college football stadium

- If you want to check out the UTSA perspective on Thursday night's game, here's a good look from our pal Jared

- Check out the gameday program feature on David Richards

Other sports

- Shoutout to all of Arizona Athletics for being undefeated so far this year. Soccer beat San Diego State 1-0, and Volleyball swept South Dakota

Tucson news

Don't eat cucumbers

- Shoutout to these fools for being caught on camera in the act of making graffiti

- The Sun Tran Strike has reached 30 days