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Sonoran Hot Reads: Arizona's slow start is what the doctor ordered

The high expectations have been lowered

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats found themselves in a weird place entering the 2015 season. After winning the Pac-12 South, expectations were raised, and while maybe a ton of people weren't picking the Cats to win the division or the conference, expectations were still high.

But after a non-impressive win over UTSA and an injury to star player Scooby Wright III, those expectations have dropped, and it's fun watching our SB Nation friends cover it. House of Sparky dropped Arizona to 5th in their Pac-12 South power rankings, and UW Dawg Pound seems to have made things up about the Arizona game, but also dropped them in the power rankings. Anyways, lower expectations are better.

- Speaking of Scooby's injury, his dad gave this pretty fun take on what's happened over the past several days

- A lot of us hate Arizona's uniforms, but at least they're not as bad as Miami's uniforms

- And more on expectations, Arizona's recruiting rankings don't lineup with their preseason poll results, which is a good thing for us

- Scout rounds up how Arizona commits did this week

- Nevada has lost wide receiver Brayden Sanchez for the season with a torn ACL. That link also has Nevada head coach Brian Polian's take on Scooby missing the Nevada game


Arizona will visit Mitch Lightfoot on Friday

This is how the basketball team started their meetings

Other sports

- This is gonna be a thing for a little while it seems like:

- Volleyball has moved up three spots to 13th in the latest AVCA rankings

Tucson news

- It was hot on Monday, and people that hike in September are not used to that

- There's a chance the Sun Tran strike ends Tuesday

- A new Dick's Sporting Goods is opening at Broadway and Wilmot this week