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Sonoran Hot Reads: The hottest Arizona reads of 2015

Thanks for making 2015 the best ever for AZ Desert Swarm

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

When I took over control of this here site in December of 2014, I was unsure about how things would turn out, and the direction that we would go. I want to thank all of you for making 2015 by far the most successful year for AZ Desert Swarm. It wouldn't be possible without all of our contributors, commenters, social sharers, and everyone else who randomly stumbles in here thanks to Google.

With 2015 officially in the rear view mirror, let's take a second to remember the 15 most visited stories we had in '15:

15. Kaleb Tarczewski returns for senior season

- With four starters already departing for the NBA, Zeus made it official that he was coming back for his final college season. It hasn't exactly played out the way anyone has wanted it to so far, but hopefully he will make a huge impact in Pac-12 play

14. Brandon Ashley and T.J. McConnell go undrafted

- The decision to leave school early didn't work out for Ashley the way he envisioned it, and we now know that TJM has made the most out of his opportunity with the Sixers. It was still a sad day when neither of them got drafted

13. Chrome Red Helmets Appear

Everyone loves shiny new things, especially Sani Fuimaono

12. Ivan Rabb delays commitment announcement

- There was a brief moment in time when it felt like Rabb started leaning more towards Arizona over Cal. That didn't happen, but that's alright

11. Scooby Wright leaves UTSA game with knee injury

- Just the first of two injuries suffered by the best defensive player in the country, which started the onslaught of injuries at linebacker throughout the year

10. Arizona pursues Mike Thorne

This was a thing that happened. Thorne is averaging 13.4 points per game and 8.4 rebounds per game at Illinois this year

9. Pac-12 North and South predictions

Oh no

8. Ryan Anderson set to replace Brandon Ashley

- I would argue that Anderson has done a lot more than just "replace" the void left by Brandon Ashley to this point

7. Chance Comanche defines Sean Miller's recruiting strategy

Comanche not redshirting was one of the surprises early on in this year's basketball season, but obviously that would not have lasted long anyway with Zeus' injuries

6. Arizona comes to NBA 2K16

- With the lack of a true college basketball video game franchise, it was a huge deal when ten schools made their way into the NBA 2K franchise, Arizona being one of them

5. Stanley Johnson strongly considering returning to Arizona?


4. Sean Miller calls ref a M*****F*****

Pretty much speaks for itself

3. ASU fan destroys Arizona band equipment

- This is the point when people take a football rivalry way too far, and decide to make extremely poor choices. Luckily no one was hurt, and the perpetrator was taken in. We need to calm this down a little bit though

2. Where are they now? The 2002-03 men's basketball team

- When Andre Iguodala was part of the NBA Championship Warriors team this year, it made me wonder where other guys from that 2003 team were now, and the results ended up being extremely interesting

1. Rich Rodriguez comments on Michigan hiring Jim Harbaugh

- Whenever something interesting happens at Michigan, someone will always ask Rich Rodriguez about it, for whatever reason. I just want to relive the back story on this post, which actually happened in 2014, but blew up on New Year's. This happened at a pre-Fiesta Bowl press conference in Scottsdale. I transcribed it in the conference room, then scheduled it to post that afternoon. I went over to Glendale, and the story posted as I was getting a haircut. My phone blew up while I was sitting there, and the hair lady wondered what was happening to me. I had no idea what I had done until it kept going off for the rest of the night, even as I was at a GCU/Harvard basketball game. Then it somehow became a bigger story on New Year's Day, the day after the Fiesta Bowl. I don't know who asked the actual question, but thank you random guy who felt the need to get in a Michigan question the day before the Fiesta Bowl

Here's to an even bigger and better 2016! Thanks for coming in huge numbers in 2015!