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Sonoran Hot Reads: UNLV firing Dave Rice wins best comedy at the Golden Globes

Seriously, what are you doing Rebs?

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Since the UNLV Runnin' Rebels started playing Arizona schools, they've only won one game, and that stretch started a month ago. So naturally, they fired head coach Dave Rice. This accomplishes nothing, and is incredibly dumb, and Sporting News' Mike DeCourcy put it best with this paragraph:

"There is only one reasonable justification for removing a college coach when a season is in progress: to rid the university of a horrible human being. Sometimes one slips into a head coaching position because a school is greedy for victories or just plain incompetent in the hiring process. But that didn't happen here."

You can't defend Rice as a coach. You could argue his technical foul in Tucson cost his team any chance of winning that game against Arizona, just like Bobby Hurley's T in the ASU game. UNLV has greatly underachieved based on how well Rice has recruited. But you don't get rid of a guy in the middle of the season. You can't let your boosters have final say over something like this. Like, what's the point of making this move now as opposed to two months from now? What are you gonna get done right now? Nothing. That's why UNLV is my choice for best comedy at the Golden Globes, because The Martian is not a comedy. UNLV most certainly is though.

- Why am I writing about UNLV? Because the only Arizona news on Sunday was Allonzo Trier broke his hand

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