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Sonoran Hot Reads: The Pac-12 has issues

Is the conference in serious trouble?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As I sat down to watch Washington play Colorado in basketball on Wednesday night on Pac-12 Networks, I was shocked to find a replay of an ASU gymnastics event pop up on my TV instead. The network, and the conference, are suffering a major downturn in the eyes of the nation and, well, people in the know about how financials work at these levels.

The timing of my issue was perfect, as Ted Miller starts this article written on Wednesday with football uncertainty, then dives into the TV and money deals the conference has, and how they compare (or don't) with the Big Ten and SEC. He wonders if the conference should move its headquarters out of the Bay Area to a more financially responsible place. I don't know if that's the way to solve everything, but there are certainly many issues facing this conference moving forward, and those issues certainly aren't on the playing field


- Sam Vecenie goes in-depth on Arizona's injury issues this year, and how the team has overcome it all through leadership from new faces

- We put out our Pac-12 Power Rankings, which got people riled up about Washington for some reason

- We also have a preview for Thursday's game against Stanford, where Mark Tollefsen will look to continue to pick up his season averages


- Terrell Burgess is set to decide on his college on January 29th

- Scooby Wright is going to make a lot of NFL teams question why they didn't take him in the draft

- Arizona announced a couple of home-and-home series in very distant years. 2031 is not very close, so this is what college football and life will look like when Nebraska travels to Tucson 15 years from now

- Chantel Jennings gives an update on the Pac-12's 2017 recruiting classes

- Arizona's points off turnovers in 2015 were actually higher than ASU and Colorado

- Lance Briggs' car apparently crashed into a bartending school, but he denies it


- The NCAA announced that there will be alcohol served at this year's College World Series and Women's College World Series

Other sports

Track and field will be in Birmingham, Alabama this weekend for the Conference Clash/Power 5 invitational

- Gymnastics will host UCLA on Saturday

- The hockey team is 18th in the latest ACHA rankings

- New Arizona softball player Danielle O'Toole was on the Smart Softball podcast talking about transferring from San Diego State and her changeup

Tucson news

- Pima County voted to allow World View to build a spaceport in Tucson

- The Humane Society took in 23 dogs from a shelter in New Mexico due to massive overcrowding