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Arizona vs. Cal: Reliving the Wildcats' Loss on Twitter

It's been just long enough for the pain of last night's loss to subside, so let's relive it.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats lost a tough road game last night to the California Golden Bears, falling to 4-3 in conference. Let's relive that awful experience with some of the best tweets we found during the game last night:

Cal's attempt at a "color-out" game had mixed results.

A reminder that Cal's court kinda sucks.

Arizona's favorite Dead Head was in the house.

...and he had a lot of things to say about the world.

This was a mistake, but...

...foul trouble for Cal's bigs fixed the problem.

Things did not go Arizona's way early.

And Bill Walton said some more Bill Walton stuff.

Even with a lead going into the half, it didn't look great for Arizona.

...and it didn't look great early in the second half, either.

That didn't slow Bill down, of course.

And the Wildcats didn't get much help from the officials.

In the end, it was the sort of game that Arizona tends to lose.

And so continues a pretty unlucky season thus far for the Cats.