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Sonoran Hot Reads: Arizona to the Big 12?

Many years away, but could you see this happening?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like forever ago when it looked like the entire Big 12 was going to join the Pac-10, and the Big 12 was going to go extinct. Now, looking way into the future (2024 to be exact), things could be swinging the other way. With the Pac-12 struggling to keep up with other conferences financially, on the field, and television networks-wise, maybe Arizona would look elsewhere when the grant-of-rights agreements for both conferences end in 2024. In this article by Barry Tramel of NewsOK, he gives the Big 12's options:

"The entire idea is instructive for the Big 12. Despite its many faults, the league has some things going for it. If the Big 12 is to survive, it has two options: 1) Expand and strengthen; 2) Stay status quo for now, get stabilized (David Boren's plan for a conference network is an example) and be ready to expand in eight years, when the grant of rights end and there could be more movement."

Just something to keep in mind if the Pac-12 Network continues to struggle, along with other things going on with the conference


- The Pac-12 is super fun again, just the way it should be. It's also the most entertaining conference in the country

- Rawle Alkins is unofficially visiting Arizona this week

- I handed out Pac-12 midseason awards in our first Twitterbag in a while, as well as some other things our fans wanted to know about

This week's roundtable was all about close losses and the home winning streak

Brandon Ashley scored 26 points for the Texas Legends Tuesday against the Bakersfield Jam


- ASU keeps losing assistant coaches, just like the rest of the conference

- Plenty of recruiting news going down over the next week or so. Get caught up on some of the other Pac-12 team's actions in here

- On the Arizona front, the coaching staff offered Josiah Sa'o late Tuesday night. They also offered 2017 offensive lineman Ryan Nelson. Four-star defensive back Lamar Jackson has an in-home set up with Arizona, as well as ASU and Nebraska before he announces on the 2nd. London Iakopo also decommitted, expectedly

- Cayleb Jones got an NFL Combine invite


- Arizona may not be ranked anywhere, but Central Arizona, featuring a former Arizona commit on the mound, is ranked 13th out of all junior colleges

Other sports

- Swimming and diving hosts a big-time two-day meet against Texas this weekend

- Softball is ranked 13th in the NFCA preseason poll

Men's golf begins their season on Friday

Tucson news

- The increase of training activity at DM has prompted people to file a suit against the Air Force Base

- There was an apparent suicide behind Koffler

- Lance Briggs will be hosting a celebrity golf tournament in March

- The city might raise zoo prices, which probably won't have the intended effect they want