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Sonoran Hot Reads: Apply to be Wilbur or Wilma

Haven't you always wanted to be a mascot?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Players come and go, but mascots are forever. There are probably some of you out there that have always wanted to be Wilbur or Wilma, or at least have wondered what went into the whole process of becoming a mascot. Well, you're in luck, because applications are being accepted until April 5th. Final mascot tryouts will happen at the April 15th baseball game against Stanford, which could make that game extra interesting to attend. There's a scoring system and everything in the packet. What a competitive industry the mascot one must be

- Why did I just write a paragraph about mascots? Because Arizona's home winning streak ended, and everyone is in mourning. You do need to watch what Sean Miller said though

- Meanwhile, at ASU, Michael Phelps was putting on the greatest Curtain of Distraction performance ever. And then ESPN trolled them a little bit:

Alec talked to Jordy Tshimanga's family after Arizona offered the rising center a scholarship


- After he was just on campus, Victor Viramontes got an in-home from Donte Williams

Arizona also offered 2017 center Brett Neilon


- The USA Today coaches poll came out, and as expected, Arizona is not one of the many Pac-12 teams either ranked or receiving votes. Baseball starts practice officially on Friday

Other sports

- We will have more softball coverage this year, and the Wildcats are picked to finish 3rd in the Pac-12

- Gymnastics will travel to No. 7 Utah on Monday

Women's tennis swept Utah

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