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Sonoran Hot Reads: Bobby Hurley's ref problem rears ugly head in Pac-12 debut

So will this be a trend in Pac-12 play?

Chris Coduto/Getty Images

Bobby Hurley has yet to coach a complete game in the Pac-12 after he was ejected in the final minute of ASU's loss to Arizona on Sunday. This led to an evisceration of Hurley by Pete Thamel, in which he says things like "the ramifications from the ouster will far outweigh the sophomoric gratification of the moment" and "what Sunday's antics put him in danger of is costing his team a game sometime during Pac-12 play, as officials will subliminally be carrying the WWE image of Hurley with them into every game". It's a very interesting read by Thamel, and you know that when ASU comes to Tucson in February, Hurley will not hear the end of what happened in Tempe on Sunday.

The Star's Seen and Heard has some of the things that happened in Tempe outside of Hurley being ejected

- This is how House of Sparky saw the game playing out


- Claiming Jim Harbaugh as tied to Arizona just to share his subtweet of the 49ers

Other sports

Women's basketball hosts Cal on Monday night

Tucson news

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- The Starbucks at Speedway and Country Club is looking to add alcohol to the menu

- A newly-elected Mayor in Mexico was killed one day after taking office