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Arizona Tuesday Twitterbag: Nacho dip, Allonzo Trier, and righting the football ship

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Time to finally answer the hard-hitting questions

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Each Tuesday, we try to take a semi-fun look into everything Arizona Wildcats by opening up the Twitterbag.

This week, we finally achieved that a little bit, with some serious, hard-hitting questions mixed in.

Remember to tweet us your questions each Monday night and Tuesday morning to be included in this post, and go follow @azdesertswarm while you’re at it.

There has been a ton of talk about the strength and conditioning program this year, but somehow the Nacho Cheese Dip has escaped criticism unscathed....until now apparently. A quick Google search of “healthy nacho dips” yields 633,000 results. Maybe it’s time for Miss Rita to change up the recipe a little bit. Although, this year the winners of the Nacho Dip are actual contributors on the team unlike past years. For example, Justin Belknap and Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles were last week’s winners. Those two guys are arguably two of the top defensive players on this team. There are so many questions to be answered about the Nacho Dip’s impact on player performance though.

Personally, I think the bye came almost at the perfect time (two weeks earlier would have been ideal), and now a not-as-scary Stanford team is coming into town for a game that’ll end at like 4 in the morning on the East Coast. With Brandon Dawkins apparently cleared to play, and two weeks to heal up some other bodies, things should start getting better again. Should.

Yeah, I think that’s exactly what’s happening. With Sean Miller not exactly denying those rumors after the Red-Blue Game, I thought it was going to pick up steam, but nothing really happened. I was also curious why there weren’t more questions into the Elliott Pitts situation last year though, no matter how hard we tried to get actual answers during the season. Arizona has figured out how to protect itself from all of the outside stuff...for now.

This is an interesting take on the possible Allonzo Trier suspension. The red ones are definitely a lot worse than the blue ones, but that’s grading on a curve. If he had known these jerseys were coming, would he have gone pro instead of coming back? Personally, I would have gone pro.

Arizona is 48-40-1 all-time against ASU. Take that Sun Devils!

First is developing, two is evaluating, and last is taking too few. Keep in mind that two of their highest-rated prospects, Jordan Poland and Keenan Walker, have both ended up facing legal issues rather than playing football, and this year’s starting center passed away during fall camp. I’m not even sure Jacob Alsadek has developed the way he should have at this point, so yeah, I put the struggles on development first, then other circumstances behind that.

I’m just gonna go straight down the rankings list I guess.

Khalil Tate has not looked great. Chacho Ulloa has two tackles and has played primarily on special teams. Devaughn Cooper has a 15-yard reception. Isaiah Hayes has nine tackles in six games. J.J. Taylor was phenomenal until he broke his ankle. Lorenzo Burns has a tackle. Shawn Poindexter has six catches for 82 yards. Tristan Cooper has 18 tackles, a PBU and a FF.

So do I see contributors next year? Yeah. Plenty. Who of the people that aren’t playing? Well...

No media members can watch any portion of practice during the regular season, so I have no idea. Cody Creason has at least played in games this year, and even started against Hawai’i. I’m still surprised every time I see Keenan Walker’s name on the roster because of his off-the-field issues.

I’m not really sure where Rich Rodriguez would be attractive though. He certainly wouldn’t be attractive at LSU, and that’s the only place that’s open for sure right now. Texas and Oregon wouldn’t take him. Don’t think he’d go to Purdue unless he was fired at Arizona, which I don’t see happening this year. I’m putting the percentage somewhere in the 90s that RichRod is coaching at Arizona next year.