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Sonoran Hot Reads: Arizona’s defensive backs were still better than ASU’s

The Wildcats weren’t the worst in the conference

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats were the worst in the Pac-12 at a number of things in 2016, namely winning games. But as ESPN points out, UA wasn’t quite as bad in the defensive backfield as their rivals. The Wildcats’ defensive backs were ranked 11th in the conference by ESPN’s Kyle Bonagura, with ASU finishing 12th. His explanation for Arizona:

The Wildcats allowed the highest completion percentage in the conference (65.8), the most touchdown passes (34), the third-most passing yards (3,302) and intercepted the second-fewest passes (8).

Still not as bad as ASU’s third-worst passing yards allowed in the FBS though

- Arizona commit Tony Wallace picked up a USC offer on Wednesday

- Will Parks was out spreading holiday cheer with the Broncos at the Denver Boys & Girls Club holiday party

- A couple of other former Arizona players were more productive on the field than Parks this week though


- All things considered, it’s kind of amazing that Arizona has a record of 11-2, and have only lost to two of the best 15 or so teams in the country

- Lauri Markkanen credits his upbringing and international experience for why he has been as dominant as he’s been so early in his college career

- Here are the three things that we learned from the team destroying New Mexico

- DeAndre Ayton wants to be like Lauri, which seems like a good choice

- To get us in the holiday spirit, Alec recapped the last week of college basketball action using GIFs from Elf


- Matt Morin is apparently going to tryout for the baseball team

Other sports

- Women’s basketball beat Utah State by four points

- Volleyball faced the sixth-hardest schedule in the country on their way to doing things the program hasn’t done in a while

Tucson news

- Roadrunner captain Craig Cunningham and his doctors spoke about the miraculous recovery and the player’s mental resolve over the last month after his heart stopped on the ice. Tucson went on to beat Bakersfield in overtime Wednesday night

- The three-year-old that was shot by a seven-year-old is reportedly doing better after the incident

- Marana High School has banned the Confederate Flag, but some students and parents seem to be bothered by the decision

- The suicide rate among children in Arizona went up last year

- Tucson will resist mass deportation measures if that becomes a thing in the near future

- Arizona’s minimum wage will increase in the new year