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Sonoran Hot Reads: Happy Valentine's Day from Arizona football

These are funny.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Dudek's Twitter feed can be a magical place, but on Saturday, there was a little extra love in the air.

These are amazing, whether you like Valentine's Day or not:

- Speaking of Matt Dudek, Arizona signee Shawn Poindexter was at Saturday's practice, and here is the 6'6" newcomer standing next to the much shorter Dudek

- Also from practice, be sure to check out our newly revived YouTube channel for some videos


- Josh Pastner is struggling at Memphis, and one of his players elbow dunked because he has lost all control of anyone

- Speaking of dunks, Aaron Gordon did some of that in the NBA Dunk Contest

- Arizona will be playing for first place in the Pac-12 after Oregon lost to Stanford. But will Kadeem Allen be a part of it as he struggles to get healthy

Other sports

- Women's tennis had a couple of sweeps on Saturday. Men's tennis beat NAU 5-2

Women's basketball plays at Cal Sunday afternoon

Tucson news

- There was an officer-involved shooting out near A Mountain

- Rillito's racing season started despite many offseason hurdles