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Sonoran Hot Reads: Did South Carolina lowball Rich Rodriguez?

An interesting take on the South Carolina/RichRod courtship

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More than two months after the fact, I didn't think anything would come out about Rich Rodriguez and his flirtation with South Carolina that would catch some eyeballs. But in a lengthy article that's almost exclusively about Will Muschamp, USA Today's Dan Wolken drops in this interesting paragraph about Arizona's head coach after South Carolina realized Tom Herman would not leave Houston to coach the Gamecocks:

"South Carolina, meanwhile, turned next to Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart, who instead went to Georgia, and talked extensively with Arizona's Rich Rodriguez, who turned down an offer he did not view as legitimate, according to people familiar with the process."

Wolken then followed it up with this:

Don't really know what to make of all of that, but seems interesting

- In any case, Rich Rod is still at Arizona, and here are some things he's noticed and that we've noticed from the first couple days of spring practice


- Arizona is tied with Oregon atop the Pac-12 after holding off USC on Sunday

- Gabe York scored his 1,000th career point in the game. He talked about that and more alongside Ryan Anderson afterwards


- The Wildcats hit 14 home runs over the course of a 6-0 weekend in the Hillenbrand Invitational

Other sports

- Women's basketball lost to Cal by 21

- Gymnastics hit all their routines but still lost to Stanford on Saturday

Tucson news

- There was a hit and run on Craycroft between 25th and 26th

TPD is upset about understaffing leading to more dangerous situations