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Sonoran Hot Reads: Gronk's Party Ship is exactly what you would expect

This is the most turnt a boat has been since The Titanic

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

This may come as a surprise to you, but Rob Gronkowski knows how to have a good time. This weekend was the inaugural (hopefully) Gronk Cruise, and man some crazy stuff happened as this People post discovered while browsing social media. There are some great Instagram videos on there from Sarah Spain among others of Gronk just doing Gronk things. The official schedule of things that went down is amazing, including a time set aside for Flip Cup, because of course there has to be time set aside for Flip Cup. Also, there's what I imagine was the craziest game of Bingo that has ever existed on this planet.

- A couple of notes from the Star's Michael Lev from practice including Freddie Tagaloa walking around on crutches, and Brion Anduze may miss next season after the leg injury he suffered in the first spring practice

- Gabe talked to a 2019 (!) offensive line prospect about his recent visit to Arizona and more


- Is Aaron Gordon's recent dunk the best dunk ever?


- The Wildcats took the first series of the year, beating Rice twice


- After a good start to the Mary Nutter Classic, Arizona kind of fell apart, dropping three of the last four

Other sports

- Women's tennis is still undefeated at home after beating Long Beach State

- Women's golf is tied for first place after one day of the Sugar Bowl Intercollegiate

- Women's basketball lost what is hopefully Niya Butts' last home game as the Wildcats' head coach

Tucson news

- A DPS officer fired on a car involved in street racing along the frontage road

- Australian people came to Tucson just to do some research on the modern streetcar

- Need a pet sitter? Here's a new way to find one