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Sonoran Hot Reads: The college football hate map is weird

So much misplaced hate

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

It's become a yearly tradition where Reddit puts together a map of the most hated college football team in each state. It's no surprise that the Arizona Wildcats are the most hated team in the state, because more people go to ASU than Arizona. But there are some weird things on here for states near Arizona. Like, why does the state of New Mexico hate Baylor so much? Or what's up with Nevada's vitriol towards Alabama?

Gabe gives his thoughts on what's happened so far in spring practice


- The winning streak against Utah is over


- Arizona was in its second-straight 11-10 game. Fortunately, they came out on top in this one. They'll play San Diego State on Sunday, who were dominated by Kentucky Saturday night


Danielle O'Toole beat Tennessee, but the Cats were run-ruled by Alabama later in the day

Other sports

Pau Tonnesen keeps getting better, which is scary. The women's 4x400 relay team also broke the school record at this weekend's MPSF Championships

- Women's tennis did what baseball couldn't do this weekend and beat Tulane. Men's tennis took down UCF

- Sand volleyball held their Red-Blue scrimmage

- Women's basketball lost to UCLA. They play at USC Sunday afternoon

Tucson news

- With the weather warming up, more hikers are calling for assistance out on the trails

- Raytheon is looking to have better hurricane prediction technology

People are slashing tires at a Marana apartment complex