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Sonoran Hot Reads: Arizona football has to replace a lot of experience and production

Production from new places will be needed in 2016

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

On the surface, it seems like the Arizona Wildcats return a lot of key pieces (assuming they are healthy) in 2016, but that doesn't really seem to be the case, at least compared to everyone else. Bill Connelly crunched the numbers on how much production each team returns on both offense and defense, and Arizona checks in at 78th in the FBS. On the bright side, several Pac-12 teams are below them on the list, including ASU, who is third-to-last.

- The missing production will get filled by some guys who signed on Wednesday. Here's where the Pac-12 went to find all these new players. Oregon State signed more players from Arizona then UA or ASU, so that's interesting

- Are the SEC's recruiting rankings exaggerated simply because they're the SEC? Probably

- Calvin Magee and Marcel Yates landed multi-year deals, a first in the Arizona program's history


- Myron Medcalf predicts a one-point Arizona win on Saturday. Meanwhile, C.L. Brown has Arizona on upset alert, thinking the Wildcats might come in with too much confidence after crushing Washington the first time around

Other sports

- Track and field's Sage Watson ran the faster 500-meter time in the nation this year, clocking a 1:10.52 run. It's also the new school record for the event, which was set back in 1984

- Here's the official softball season outlook

- Women's tennis swept a shorthanded Houston team at Houston

- Women's basketball lost to USC

Tucson news

- The concussion app UA was responsible for designing won the contest it was in and secured $400k of funding

- Some guy rolled a car, the car caught fire with people inside, and he ran off. How bizarre. Luckily none of the passengers died

- There might be a lot more native species getting added to the endangered list

What in the world: