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Sonoran Hot Reads: Rob Gron-Cat-Ski has best performance on Super Bowl Sunday

The purrrrfect kitten


Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone, and while the Super Bowl itself wasn't very entertaining in any aspect (game play, commercials, halftime show), the real damage was done earlier in the day by honorary Arizona kitten Rob Gron-Cat-Ski (I would've preferred Gron-Meow-Ski). Gron-Cat-Ski had this huge interception (?), lived up to his "nice cats finish last" motto by getting flagged for offensive pass interference, and even got in a fight with Jason Pierre-Paw. All of this is certainly worth getting the MVK, which will be announced sometime on Monday after all the online voting has been tabulated. So go vote for Rob Gron-Cat-Ski for Kitten Bowl III Most Valuable Kitten!

- Arizona is likely to promote football analyst Vince Amey to the defensive line coaching position early this week

- Wondering who will come to Arizona as a walk on? We have found highlights of a few of those guys


- Lauri Markkanen was in the states this weekend, and there are a couple of mixtapes that you need to check out. There are legit ball skills from the seven-footer, and a lot of agility shown off along with what you would expect from someone that size

- These were three of the big things that stood out against Washington

Other sports

- Women's basketball got dominated by UCLA at home. Have to wonder if the Niya Butts era is about to come to a close

Tucson news

- To no one's surprise, there are more traffic violations without the red light cameras than there were with them

New Tucson disc golf course!

- A plane had to make an emergency landing at the Tucson Airport after filling up with smoke