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AZDS Tuesday Twitterbag: Anu Solomon, Arizona/UCLA and Wildcats recuiting

You bring the questions, we bring the answers!

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Welcome back to another Tuesday Twitterbag here at AZ Desert Swarm, where you tweet us questions on a Tuesday, and we answer them for you.

We have a recurring theme with these questions lately, and that's recruiting kickers. We'll get to that and more. Thanks as always for sending in your questions!

Assuming there are no injuries, I think it's safe to say Anu Solomon starts every game in 2016. But that is a huge assumption. We've seen him suffer injuries literally from head-to-toe the last two years, and frankly, I think the gap between him and Brandon Dawkins is as small as it ever has been, plus you'll have Khalil Tate have two full semesters under his belt. It'll be interesting, but I think Solomon realizes that he'll need to take his game to another level to keep the starting job. And remember, he was playing pretty well until he suffered that concussion against UCLA. Plus the offensive line was very inconsistent last year. Solomon will thrive if there's consistent play up front.

Josh Pollack will likely be doing both, at least to start. Ollie Graybar is a name to know though, and he went to Milford Academy like Tyrell Johnson, Paul Magloire, Devon Brewer and Darrell Cloy Jr. I don't see Arizona offering a newcomer a scholarship.

It sure seems so. I'm not one to get super hyped up about an official never know what's going through a high schooler's mind. But coming back to Tucson so soon after already being here seems good. Remember when everyone was so down about the 2016 class? That was funny.

Right now? I don't think UCLA has been consistent enough to warrant that. You could make the argument Arizona/SDSU or Arizona/Gonzaga has been better in recent years. Hell, Colorado and Oregon have felt more like rivalry games than UCLA lately. Kansas has a few good ones too against K-State, Oklahoma and Texas. I don't feel comfortable making Arizona/UCLA the clear top choice. Maybe the Bruins will change that.